EDM Fluids


Commonwealth Oil - owned by Quaker Houghton is the industry leader in EDM fluids, recognized for producing exceptional machine performance and employee health standards.

In the field of Electrical Discharge Machining, Commonwealth Oil is the only brand to have achieved NSF Registered EDM Fluids to H1 and HT1 Standards with a safe, clean, a reliable line up you can trust.

Commonwealth Oil has developed a line of dielectric fluids for EDM. The industry standard, EDM 244, is the best all-purpose dielectric for EDM applications. Commonwealth Oil also offers three versions of synthetic dielectric fluids - Commonwealth Super Supreme, Commonwealth Euro Supreme.

Commonwealth EDM-244


EDM-244  is specially developed by Commonwealth for Electrical Discharge Machines and is the most used EDM fluid in the world. It is extremely popular in Medical, Aerospace, & Automotive applications. EDM-244 is utilized to produce very fine and intricate cuts and profiles and works very well with graphite electrodes.


EDM 244 Technical Data Sheet EDM 244 SDS EDM 244 SDS - Espanol 

Commonwealth EDM Super Supreme


EDM Super Supreme  is the highest end synthetic EDM Fluid available on the market. Exceptional machine performance is  coupled with continuous predictability and extremely long usable life.


EDM Super Supreme Technical Data Sheet EDM Super Supreme SDS EDM Super Supreme SDS - Espanol

Commonwealth EDM 185


EDM 185 is Commonwealth's lowest viscosity dielectric fluid, an excellent choice to use when  producing very fine, intricate work, at very close tolerances that is typified by narrow gap cutting. An excellent choice for machinists looking to replace the now discontinued BP-180 brand EDM Oil.  The low viscosity helps to improve flushing debris and chips in tight areas.


EDM 185 Technical Data Sheet EDM 185 SDS

Commonwealth Euro Supreme


EuroSupreme is your answer if you feel you need a high quality synthetic dielectric fluid, but  require a more cost effective approach.


EuroSupreme Technical Data Sheet EuroSupreme SDS EuroSupreme SDS - espanol

EDM 101 is an all purpose fluid, developed by Commonwealth Oil for Electrical Discharge Machines and works very well when machining graphite electrodes.


EDM 101 Technical Data Sheet EDM 101 SDS

Micro-Fine 49 is specifically formulated to work with Makino HQSF Machines. The purpose of this fluid is to hold the required particulate additive in suspension while it works. This phenomenon is the exact reverse of what is expected from most dielectric fluids.

Micro-Fine 49 Technical Data Sheet Micro-Fine 49 SDS

EDM V is Commonwealth's Wire EDM corrosion inhibitor. This product is formulated to provide protection against part corrosion and extend the life of resin beads. EDM V is added to de-ionized water equally between both the clean & dirty water tanks at a concentration of 50:1. 

EDM V Technical Data Sheet EDM V SDS

EDM Ram Cleaner is a highly concentrated formula for cleaning grease & other contaminants from most parts of your sinker EDM machine. For internal EDM parts, add EDM Ram Cleaner at a ratio of  with the old EDM fluid. ** Do not machine parts with cleaner in your fluid** Circulate the fluid through the machine and dispose of  in compliance with local regulations. For tough surface cleaning of the tank and external parts, EDM Ram Cleaner can be used at full concentration or diluted with Stoddards solvents and sprayed/brushed onto the machine. It is recommended to use Commonwealth EDM Flushing fluid after your machine has been cleaned. 


EDM Ram Cleaner Technical Data Sheet EDM Ram Cleaner SDS

EDM Flushing Fluid is designed to thoroughly clean your sinker EDM machine and flush remaining old fluids before installing new filters and EDM oil.  After removing the old EDM oil / Ram cleaner mixture, add enough EDM Flushing Fluid to allow for circulation of the pumps. Cycle the fluid for 30-45 minutes before removing and refilling the tank with new EDM Oil. 

EDM Flushing Fluid Technical Data Sheet EDM Flushing Fluid SDS


IonoPlus 3000-US (IME-MH)

IonoPlus 3000-US (IME-MH) provides high performance for all forms of EDM operations. It has a distinctive green color and is formulated to provide effective flushing and excellent disruptive strength. Also available in low viscosity IonoPlus 3000-ET variant.

IonoPlus 3000-US Technical Data Sheet   IonoPlus 3000-US MSDS IonoPlus 3000-ET Technical Data Sheet  


Oelheld Ecospark EDM Fluid

Oelheld EcoSpark 105 provides consistent performance with incredibly pure base materials. This low viscosity oil allows for minimal irritation when handling part and long term consistent characteristics as the oil is used. 

EcoSpark 105 Technical Data Sheet EcoSpark 105 MSDS  


Oelheld's IonoVit-S is a specially formulated di-electric fluid for use in EDM fast hole drilling. This product does not contain mineral oil, chlorine, or heavy metals and is non-flammable. This fluid's high electrical conductivity is provides excellent material removal rate while helping to prevent electrode wear.

IonoVit-S Technical Data Sheet IonoVit-S SDS

Other Di-Electric Fluids


ALECTROL 240 is an extra light EDM Fluid  designed for use on any EDM machine and on all metals. This oil is blended specifically for very fine and intricate work.

Alectrol Technical Data Sheet  Alectrol 240 SDS


DURAFILM EDM SYNPLUS 34 was developed in response to requirements for high quality EDM fluid with benefits of longer life, increased production rates, and improved safety for the operator. With a synthetic base of high quality stocks/additives this oil does not breakdown or oxidize from high voltage use. The viscosity of the oil is maintained and will not irritate the operator’s skin

Durafilm Technical Data Sheet

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