Commonwealth EDM-244

About EDM 244

This is the most popular and most highly respected dielectric fluid  in North America.This is the fluid that first made operators aware  that dielectric fluids did not have to be hazardous. It is the definitive universal dielectric fluid used throughout the medical,automotive and aerospace world. All components used meet the Code of Federal Regulations (21-CFR) for NSF H1 Registered Food Grade Lubricants.

Available in 5 gallons pails / 55 gallon drums / 330 gallon totes 

EDM 244 Technical Data Sheet EDM 244 SDS

Performance Benefits

EDM-244 is especially formulated to deliver the following performance benefits:

  • Approved for use in nuclear facilities.
  • Reduces DC Arcing.
  • High Flashpoint, reducing chance of fire.
  • Longer fluid life. Proven field performance.
  • Lower viscosity, increasing flushing at point of cut.
  • Clear. You can easily see to the bottom of the barrel.
  • Low density allows rapid settling of particles in filter.
  • Low odour levels from time of fill, to after many working years.
  • Aromatic and sulphur content are nearly undetectable under laboratory conditions, making them environmentally safer.
  • Higher dielectric strength leads to reduced polishing time.
  • Transor Approved.
  • Approved for use in ONA Filtration Systems

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