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Sinker EDM remains a key technology in a mold shop – there are some details that are just difficult or impossible to machine using any other technology. Tri-Gemini is excited to be exhibiting at Amerimold, more information here. We supply a variety of materials and can assist in the selection of the material best suited for a specific application.  New technology uses higher end materials to produce molds right from the EDM machine with a mirror finish thus eliminating labor intensive polishing. 

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The high accuracy of sinker EDM combined with burr-free machining facilitates machining of hard materials such as titanium, cobalt chrome, stainless and others. EDM is commonly used to machine HEX and TORX features used in bone screws.  It is the preferred method in many applications that require distortion- free machining of small or very thin parts.The EDM process also applies to fields of Dentistry and Optometry that face similar machining challenges.

Industries Served - Energy WebThe energy sector uses EDM to produce feather slots, seal slots, and other features in turbine applications.  Copper tungsten electrodes are used to EDM carbide tool bits.  Down-hole drilling for oil and gas use EDM to machine features needed for connection and communication in piping – often with some very creative electrodes and thinking. Tri-Gemini also has experience manufacturing graphite parts for the solar & industrial spark plasma sintering. 

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From tractors to motorcycles and cars, including high-performance racing cars, automotive applications use EDM in a number of ways.  Tight tolerances for panels and other parts that snap together require the precision of EDM.  Lenses and speaker grills often have very small details that use exotic materials.  Gears, interior parts, trim, consoles, engine parts all use EDM in their production.

Industries Served - Aerospace

New technology in sinker EDM has eliminated or reduced the heat-affected-zone from the EDM burn and opened up a wide variety of aerospace applications.   Seal slots can be burned with precision.  Aerospace alloys, notoriously difficult to machine, can be EDM’d.  Typical parts include jet engine turbines and their components but parts might also go to outer space.

Graphite Punch & Die Set

Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS), Pulse Electric Current Sintering, or Field Assisted Sintering Technique (FAST) utilizes precision graphite dies & punches in processing nano-structured materials, powdered metals, & composites. Dies and punches can be made to exact size requests and can include additional design features. Message us regarding recommendations on compression strength and thermal conductivity on all our available grades of the graphite.

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