Commonwealth EDM Super Supreme

About EDM Super Supreme

This is truly a superior synthetic EDM Fluid. If you are looking for a fluid with an extremely long life and continuous predictability of machining times, this is the fluid for you. EDM Super Supreme Fluids are known to last, and continuously pass maintenance tests well into their 10th year of usage. See material information below.

Available in 5 gallons pails / 55 gallon drums / 330 gallon totes 

EDM Super Supreme Technical Data Sheet EDM Super Supreme SDS   EDM Super Supreme SDS en Espanol

Performance Benefits

  • Longer fluid life. This fluid does not grow old, and does not extend burn times.
  • Higher flashpoint reduces potential fire hazards.
  • Extremely low evaporation and volatility! Operator fumes are greatly reduced.
  • Transor Approved.
  • Approved for use in ONA Filtration Systems.

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