About Micro-Fine 49

Micro-Fine 49 was specifically formulated to work with Makino HQSF Machines. The purpose of this fluid is to hold the required particulate additive in suspension while it works. This phenomenon is the exact reverse of what is expected from most dielectric fluids. Micro-Fine 49 is also characterized by a higher than normal flash point, while still maintaining a very low viscosity. See material information below.

Available in 5 gallons pails / 55 gallon drums / 330 gallon totes 

Micro-Fine 49 Technical Data Sheet Micro-Fine 49 SDS

Performance Benefits

  • Reduces recast layer.
  • Rubber Component Compatible for your hoses, seals and gaskets.
  • No potential interference from dyes.
  • Extended fluid life. With not grow old and will not extend burn times.
  • Clean and ultra clear for easy visibility of work piece.

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