About IonoVit-S


Oelheld's IonoVit-s is a specially formulated di-electric fluid for use in EDM fast hole drilling. This product does not contain mineral oil, chlorine, or heavy metals and is non-flammable. This fluid's high electrical conductivity is provides excellent material removal rate while helping to prevent electrode wear.

Available in 5 gallons pails, 55 gallon drums, & in concentrated formula

IonoVit-S Technical Data Sheet IonoVit-S SDS IonoVit-S Concentrated Formula


Mixing with Deionized Water

IonoVit S is ready for use. For special applications, however, it can be diluted with deionized water. The concentration should be controlled by a refractometer. The refractive index of IonoVit S ready for use is 7.0% Brix (Refractometer factor 14.3 only for calculation of the concentration of the diluted product).

After some time of use, water may evaporate and the concentration of IonoVit S will rise. This leads to an increased conductivity of the fluid which can deteriorate the surface quality. In this case top up the fluid with deionized water until 7.0% Brix are reached. Also an operating temperature below 25°C helps to control the conductivity and a fine filtration helps to extend the service life.


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