Custom Graphite Machining at Tri-Gemini


High precision EDM electrodes to your exact specifications; graphite or metallic, as well as graphite components for non-EDM applications. Redressing services are available to utilize the same block of graphite multiple times.


GF+ Mikron mills

Integrated CMM Equipment

CNC lathe / Drill & Tapping

Centerless & Surface Finishing

Custom Threaded Electrodes 

Custom Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Dust Collector

Eliminate Graphite Dust


Tri-Gemini uses state-of-the-art dust collection equipment for thousands of pounds of graphite dust. Keep the graphite dust out of your shop!


Case Study of Farr's Dust Graphite Dust Collection System

Quick-Change & Pre-Mounted Electrodes

Streamline EDM operations with System 3R or your own choice of tooling mounted  to your electrode. Pre-drilled hole patters are available for every major brand including Erowa, Hirchmann, & System 3R

Tri-Gemini offers a full line of System 3R tooling  and expert consulting specific for automating EDM operations and maximizing lights off time in your shop

Learn More About System 3R

Graphite Comparison & Technical Specifications

Review technical specifications of different grades of graphite and learn how they factor into surface finish, electrode wear, & success with your workpiece material.

Technical Specifications

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