Clearance Items


Updated spreadsheet each month, limited quantities but priced to move. Discounts in the 50-70% range and great value for the profitability of EDM projects. 

Large selection of copper tungsten parts along with precision blanks and rounds of POCO EDM-3 & POCO EDM-C3.

Other parts include tungsten carbide & tungsten wire, copper impregnated graphite (MicroGraph 5C) rototubes, & tellurium copper. 


FOB Hillside, IL - All Columns are sortable by clicking the arrow in the header.

GradeDescriptionSizePart No.Original PriceSale Price
Copper Tungsten60/40 Strips.045" x 3" x 8"T34117130.0239.006
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.020" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3350029.2220.454
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.028" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3350436.2525.375
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.030" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3350538.426.88
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.033" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT33505540.7528.525
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.050" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3350928.4519.915
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.093" dia. (+.001" / -0.0") x 8" LGT33517529.2520.475
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.1875" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3353335.6224.934
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.280" dia. (+/-.001") x 8" LGXP383439.2527.475
Copper Tungsten70/30 Rod.125" dia. (+.005"/-0.0") x 6"XP693715.510.85
Copper Tungsten70/30 Round.480" (+/-.0005") dia. x 4" LGXP142542.7521.375
Copper Tungsten70/30 Round.480 (+/-.0005") x 4"XP142564.2524.25
Copper Tungsten70/30 Tube.296" dia. x 8" LGT3301554430.8
Copper Tungsten70/30 Tube.390" dia. x 8" LGT33017549.2534.475
Copper Tungsten70/30 Tube.562" dia. x 8" LGT3302095.4547.725
Copper Tungsten70/30 Tube1.000" dia. x 8" LGT33024245122.5
Copper Tungsten75/25 Rod.236" dia. (+/-.0005") x 8" LGT3353842.429.68
Copper Tungsten75/25 Round5/16" dia. x 10 LGXP381445.822.9
Copper Tungsten75/25 Round7/16" dia. x 10 LGXP395445.818.95
Copper Tungsten80/20 Plate.125" x 4" x 8"XP7208368.75184.375
Copper Aluminum OxideGlidcop Round1/8" dia. x 12" LGXP72949.56.5
Micrograph 2Ground Plate1/4" x 12" x 12"GB806422.328.928
POCO EDM-1Ground Plate1/8" x 4" x 6"GP200429.511.8
POCO EDM-1Ground Plate3/16" x 4" x 6"GP202031.4512.58
POCO EDM-1Ground Plate3/8" x 4" x 6"GP20524718.8
Copper TapOrbiting TapM5 x .8mmXP397810.826.492
Copper TapOrbiting TapM8 x 1.25mmXP398012.757.65
POCO EDM-C3Orbiting TapM4 x .7mm (Left Handed)XP384140.1216.048
MicroGraph 4Plate1-1/2" x 6" x 12"GH226090.6136.244
POCO EDM-100Plate1/2" x 12" x 12"GV812463.125.24
POCO EDM-100Plate3/8" x 12" x 12"GV809252.521
POCO EDM-100Plate5/8" x 12" x 12"GV812873.7529.5
POCO EDM-2Plate1/2" x 4" x 6"GR206884.650.76
POCO EDM-2Plate1/4" x 4" x 6"GR202856.9334.158
POCO EDM-2Plate3/4" x 4" x 6"GR2090112.2844.912
POCO EDM-2Plate3/8" x 4" x 6"GR205270.7728.308
Tellurium CopperPlate3/8" x 4" x 12"T412243732.41
Tellurium CopperPlate3/8" x 6" x 12"T41233127.2576.35
TTK-4Plate1/4" x 12" x 12"GL203214085
POCO EDM-1Precision Plates.187" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GP803630.7512.3
POCO EDM-1Precision Plates.250" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GP80563514
POCO EDM-1Precision Plates.375" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GP808434.7513.9
POCO EDM-1Precision Plates.750" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GP81488232.8
POCO EDM-1Precision Plates.750" (+.005"/-0) x 6 x 12"GP8152153.561.4
POCO EDM-2Precision Plates.375" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GR808471.628.64
POCO EDM-2Precision Plates.500" (+.005"/-0) x 4" x 6"GR812024096
Tungsten CarbideRod.077" dia. x 6" LGXP697095
Tungsten SilverRod2.5mm dia. x 50mm LGXP42151810.8
Tungsten SilverRod3.5mm dia. x 50mm LGXP42161810.8
POCO EDM-C3Rods (10 pack).022" dia. x 12" LGGY902483.650.16
POCO EDM-C3Rods (10 pack).027" dia. x 12" LGGY903280.148.06
POCO EDM-C3Rods (10 pack).041" dia. x 12" LGGY905670.842.48
POCO EDM-C3Rods (10 pack).043" dia. x 12" LGGY906070.842.48
MicroGraph 5CRototube.718" dia. x 6" LGTR01823815.2
MicroGraph 5CRototube.781" dia. x 6" LGTR01983915.6
MicroGraph 5CRototube.875" dia. x 6" LGTR02224216.8
MicroGraph 5CRototube.968" dia. x 6" LGTR02464819.2
KK-8Round1/4" dia. x 12" LGGA003662.4
KK-8Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGA00243.381.352
KK-8Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGA00446.62.64
Micrograph 3Round1/8" dia. x 12" LGGD001610.014.004
Micrograph 3Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGD002483.2
Micrograph 3Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGD00446.992.796
Micrograph 3Round5/8" dia. x 12" LGGD0080114.4
MicroGraph 4Round1" dia. x 12" LGGH010826.7516.05
MicroGraph 4Round1/2" dia. x 12" LGGH007214.58.7
MicroGraph 4Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGH00243.151.26
MicroGraph 4Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGH00445.553.33
MicroGraph 5Round1/8" dia. x 12" LGGJ00162.081.248
MicroGraph 5Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGJ00243.31.32
MicroGraph 6Round1/8" dia. x 12" LGGK00162.150.86
MicroGraph 6Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGK00243.451.38
MicroGraph 6Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGK00446.152.46
MicroGraph 7Round3/16" dia. x 12" LGGN00248.43.36
POCO EDM-1Round1/16" dia. x 12" LGGP00081.850.74
POCO EDM-1Round1/4" dia. x 12" LGGP00366.613.966
POCO EDM-1Round1/8" dia. x 12" LGGP00161.350.54
POCO EDM-1Round1/8" dia. x 6" LGGP00121.350.54
POCO EDM-1Round1-3/4" dia. x 6" LGGP012872.529
POCO EDM-1Round2" dia. x 6" LGGP013686.934.76
POCO EDM-1Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGP00447.923.168
POCO EDM-1Round5/16" dia. x 6" LGGP00403.961.584
POCO EDM-1Round5/8" dia. x 12" LGGP008022.7713.662
POCO EDM-1Round5/8" dia. x 6" LGGP007610.24.08
POCO EDM-1Round7/16" dia. x 12" LGGP006412.825.128
POCO EDM-200Round1" dia. x 12" LGGW01082929
POCO EDM-200Round1/2" dia. x 12" LGGW007214.314.3
POCO EDM-200Round1/4" dia. x 12" LGGW00365.255.25
POCO EDM-200Round3/4" dia. x 12" LGGW00882323
POCO EDM-200Round3/8" dia. x 12" LGGW00568.68.6
POCO EDM-200Round5/16" dia. x 12" LGGW00446.16.1
POCO EDM-3Round5/16" dia. x 6" LGGS006012.47.44
POCO EDM-AF5Round5/16" dia. x 6" LGGT007621.4912.89
POCO EDM-C1Round1/2" dia. x 12" LGG1007237.2618.63
POCO EDM-C3Round1/16" dia. x 12" LGGY00042.11.26
Tellurium CopperRound1-1/2" dia. x 8" LGXP630559.9541.965
KK-8Square1" x 1" x 12"GA405614.35.72
Micrograph 3Square5/8" x 5/8" x 12"GD4036137.8
MicroGraph 5Square1" x 1" x 12"GJ405619.27.68
MicroGraph 5Square3/8" x 3/8" x 12"GJ402062.4
MicroGraph 6Square1/4" x 1/4" x 12"GK40126.352.54
MicroGraph 6Square3/4" x 3/4" x 12"GK404414.55.8
MicroGraph 6Square3/8" x 3/8" x 12"GK40208.33.32
POCO EDM-1Square1/4" x 1/4" x 12"GP401293.6
POCO EDM-1Square1/4" x 1/4" x 6"GP400852
POCO EDM-1Square1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 6"GP406054.521.8
POCO EDM-1Square2" x 2" x 6"GP40728835.2
POCO EDM-1Square3/8" X 3/8" X 12"GP402016.56.6
POCO EDM-2Square1/4" x 1/4" x 12"GR4012166.4
POCO EDM-2Square1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 6"GR406082.7533.1
POCO EDM-2Square3/8" x 3/8" x 12"GR402023.859.54
POCO EDM-2Square3/8" x 3/8" x 6"GR401613.65.44
Brass TapStandard Tap5-40 x 5" LGXM14008.44.3
Copper TapStandard TapM2 x .4mmXP437818.511.1
Copper TapStandard TapM4 x .7mmXP39769.465.676
POCO EDM-3Tube.437" OD x .312 ID x 6" LGGS316024.314.58
Tungsten CarbideTubes (5 pack).069" dia. x 6" LGT2017435.921.54
Tungsten CarbideTubes (5 pack).073" dia. x 6" LGT2018635.921.54
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).009" dia. x 12" LGT510239.754.875
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).011" dia. x 12" LGT5102810.255.125
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).013" dia. x 12" LGT5103310.255.125
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).014" dia. x 12" LGT5103610.55.25
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).019" dia. x 12" LGT5104812.96.45
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).022" dia. x 12" LGT5105615.257.625
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).026" dia. x 12" LGT5106616.758.375
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).030" dia. x 12" LGT510762211
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).045" dia. x 12" LGT5111435.6517.825
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).050" dia. x 12" LGT5112735.6517.825
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).060" dia. x 12" LGT5115235.6517.825
Tungsten WireWire (10 Packs).016" dia. x 18" LGT51041-1813.756.875

POCO Graphite
Toyo Tanso Graphite