Commonwealth Euro Supreme

About EDM Euro Supreme

If you feel you need a high quality synthetic dielectric fluid, but require a more cost effective approach, EuroSupreme Dielectric Fluid is your answer. This product possesses all the performance criteria, as well as safety and environmental standards you have come to expect from Commonwealth Oil. This product is known for improving skin condition on the hands of operators. See material information below.

Available in 5 gallons pails / 55 gallon drums / 330 gallon totes 

EuroSupreme Technical Data Sheet EuroSupreme SDS EuroSupreme SDS - espanol

Performance Benefits

  • EDM operators find a remarkable improvement in their skin condition.
  • Rapid settling of particles in the filter thanks to lower specific gravity.
  • Extremely low evaporation and volatility!
  • Approved for use in ONA Filtration Systems

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