Poco Graphite

Tri-Gemini is one of only five master distributors of POCO EDM Graphite in the US and the only one based in Illinois.  POCO EDM-3 has been the standard in the EDM industry for many years and POCO continues to provide technical support and a range of products specifically designed for EDM. 

Each POCO grade of EDM graphite has been tailored for a specific range of applications with benchmarked performance characteristics. Developed to have the best balance of metal removal rates, low electrode wear and fine surface finishes these materials provide excellent cost of ownership. Production of these materials is tightly controlled to provide the user with consistent performance from block to block. Applications engineers provide assistance with grade selection and machine parameters for specific applications.

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POCO Graphite has developed guides to graphite selection and descriptions of grade specifications.  They have also provided technical articles about the impact of graphite selection upon the EDM process, finish and shop productivity.  See material information below.

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